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We've all heard the common 'roses are red, violets are blue' expressions and we taught to make Lovou just for you... and well your significant other.


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Lovou is a website for showing other couples out there the amount of love you and your partner share through great and amazing contests.

It's never complete without this

Learn unique ways to treat your significant other by reading insightful posts and asking relevant questions from other couples here on Lovou. And, you can also contribute!

Right People = Right Friends

We love making new friends and meeting new people and we're sure you both do too! How about you hop on our chatting server and find a new friend to have the next family outing with?


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We host special weekly and bonus contests just for you!

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I'm Usman from Pakistan, studying Chartered Accountancy officially, and learning all things tech from the internet. 

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I'm Aisha, an undergraduate from Nigeria. I love discovering and exploring new things.

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Back-end Developer

I am Daniel, a mobile app developer with full flair to provide elegant and optimal solutions in the least amount of time.

Vishrut Grover

I'm Vishrut from India. I am into Web Development and Graphic Designing.

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